Artisan Spirulina Cultivated Utilizing the French Method
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Workshop Testimonials

I recently attended the first Artisan Spirulina Workshop with an Intro to Aquaponics and was extremely happy with the program and the dedicated, passionate people who taught all week. It is a very laid back, welcoming group of people who are all very knowledgeable about what they are teaching. Everything from the food served to the environment was great. The hands on experience was invaluable and has given me the motivation to go back and grow spirulina and build an aquaponics system in Chicago. I still have much to learn, but this was a fabulous, inspiring start !!!

Laurie Ouding RN, CLNC and future spirulina farmer

I attended the first workshop for Apogee Spirulina held at Santa Fe Community College during the summer. I was greatly impressed with the teaching as well as the facility. We not only learned about the cultivation of the algae but also was  given the opportunity to have hands on experience with the whole process of managing the algal culture and processing the finished product. The amount of knowledge that we received from the faculty was amazing. The fact that you have open access to all of their information and techniques is almost unheard of. In fact this has motivated me and other faculty members at my institution to begin new programs at my college. In addition to the Spirulina training we also received lectures and instructions on Aquiculture and Hydroponics. I initially planned to attend the workshop to learn just about algae cultivation for an algae to biodiesel project that we are starting at my college. But after attending the workshop it has expanded to encompass algae cultivation for food, biodiesel and a cross-campus aquiculture project. I would highly recommend signing up for future workshops. You will see that the possibilities are endless. I will be bringing my fellow faculty members to a workshop in the future.

Myron O. Perry, M.Sc.